Sucheta Asrani

Founder of DigiSelect

Sucheta Asrani, our visionary founder with 13+ years in Content Development and Digital Marketing Industry, leads our dynamic team. Her passion for connecting people drives impactful entrepreneurship, shaping our thriving business.

Gunjan Shah

Art Director

Gunjan, blends 16+ years of industry experience, is the creative force behind our visual identity. Gunjan oversees the conceptualization and execution of visual elements across all our projects. His unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking enables him to transform concepts into captivating visuals that resonate with our audience.

Neelu Vishwakarma

Social Media Manager

Neelu, with five years of Industry Experience is an alumni of our prestigious training program. She shapes brands' digital footprints with expertise and innovation. She consistently stays ahead of the curve, exploring new tools, latest trends, tactics, and technologies to enhance our online presence and drive meaningful results.

Jagrati Dixit

Graphic Content Manager

Jagrati, brings over 10 years of diverse creative experience from media agencies to e-learning. Proficient in static and motion graphics, she drives project success with her technical expertise and artistic passion, consistently delivering captivating content that achieves client objectives.

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